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Does Fafsa Cover University Tuition

574 rowsThere are two categories: If a university is listed as “eligible,” it means that you can use FAFSA for loans towards your abroad degree. Some universities are classified as “deferment only” : That means you cannot use FAFSA loans for your abroad degree, but any student loan you currently have can be put into deferred status while attending that university,. Whereas you may be able to get FAFSA to cover tuition costs at a public trade school or community college, it may be trickier at a private trade school. The best way to figure out if you qualify... You’ve completed the first steps to obtaining your college degree — filling out your FAFSA, applying to a college, and getting accepted to a university! Next step: get your financial aid offer and your disbursement so you can pay the tuition.

But you may be asking just how do I get my FAFSA money, and how much FAFSA money will I get.

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